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If God is calling us, individually or corporately, to take up some new challenge, are we listening? Are we ready for service?

At various times in life, we may come to points where we wonder whether what we are doing with our lives is what God really wants us to be doing.  The Methodist Covenant service can help us to think about this, but we may sometimes need to spend more time reflecting on how we follow Jesus and on what God is calling us to do.

What next, Lord?

The “What next, Lord?” programme of ten vocational exploration sessions was organised again during 2013.  

The varied programme of seminars, experiences and reflection is intended to help people to think about being Christians in today’s world and about how they may be called to serve God at this point in their lives and in the future.  The exploration might lead to candidating for Methodist diaconal or presbyteral ministry, or it might lead to decisions about engaging in, or continuing with, other forms of ministry. 

The 2013 programme was run in partnership with the Lincolnshire Methodist District.  More details and information about those involved are in the leaflet that can be downloaded here.

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