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Cliff College, Derbyshire

As a Bible College, we have a high standard of excellence with the courses we deliver in order to provide the best Bible training we can give so that people are equipped for the services of mission and evangelism. Cliff College currently serves most Christian denominations with its training. Historically, Cliff was a Methodist Lay Training college but now our student body is lay or ordained and from a diverse denominational background, with our emphasis now being Evangelical Christians.

Hayes Christian Conference Centre

Set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside with easy travel links, The Hayes, has successfully been the market leader as a Christian Conference Centre since 1911.

Reflect - The Need for Retreats

Today the emphasis on achievement is stressful and the pace of life moves ever more quickly. People are pressurised on every side to rush from one deadline to another In our modern society, therefore, many people value time set aside to enter more deeply into the practice of the presence of God, and to seek to grasp the eternal realities.
A Retreat is a pause for thought and a chance to focus on God. Time spent in quiet surroundings away from daily pressures helps a person to wait upon God and to be refreshed and renewed in and for His service.
Learning about the use of silence and meditation in everyday life enables the individual to live closer to God and not be overwhelmed by the stress our society seeks to impose on him or her.
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