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I Choose to Follow You – a 6-session discipleship course

This short course is designed to help groups to explore what it means to say “I choose to follow you”, Jesus, in today’s world. The six sessions are all intended to help people to see how the choices that they make in their daily living - their discipleship - can be shaped by what the gospels tell us about Jesus. The hope is that the sessions will not simply be an academic exercise, but that they will result in personal growth and in concrete action.  The material would be good to use during Lent, as it will encourage people to reflect in some depth about the way in which their faith connects with their daily life.  It can also be used at any other time that a group feels that it would be helpful to think about discipleship.

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Deepen Your Discipleship

Deepen your discipleship and become a part of 'a discipleship movement shaped for mission': this is a movement of Methodists who want to make a lifelong commitment to working out what being a Christian means in the whole of life, in order to make a world-transforming difference.

Impact - a practical discipleship resource for small groups

This new discipleship initiative was launched in the Nottingham and Derby District with a training evening early in 2013.  Impact is intended to encourage small groups to focus together on living out their discipleship in daily life, but it is not a study course, so it needs to be led differently to such courses.  The resource can be downloaded from this website and used, but Jane Bingham (District Training Officer) and Robert Foster (District Discipleship and Vocations Officer) will gladly run more training sessions for potential group leaders who wish to gain a few ideas about ways of leading these groups.

Download the leaflet: Ideas for making an impact

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Discipleship and the People Called Methodists

This free book by Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church, provides one of the best introductions available to the centrality of discipleship for Methodists. It also sketches a brief history of how discipleship has become a priority for the Methodist Church of Britain today.  Download a pdf here.

Methodist Women in Britain

Bringing women together to know Christ and to make him known. Encouraging, equipping and enabling them to serve God in the Church, the community and the world. Connecting women in Britain with Christian women worldwide.

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