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The Methodist Church in Britain | Prayer of the day
Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017

O consuming fire, O Spirit of love, descend into the depth of our hearts and there transform us until we are fire of your fire, love of your love, and Christ himself is formed within us. Amen. Elizabeth of Schonau (d. 1184) Lord, you have revealed yourself to your people in every generation and invited them to share in the building up of your kingdom. So we pray for the rich heritage of Methodism throughout the British Isles and around the world.

We pray for all those historic Methodist churches and other buildings, which exercise a ministry of welcome and hospitality to visitors every day of the year. We pray for all those volunteers who give their time freely to welcome visitors, listen to their joys and sorrows, introduce them to our history and share stories of God's faithful people. We pray for the heritage stewards at Wesley's Chapel in London that they may be enabled to draw people into a deeper encounter with the faith that we profess. In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen. Jennifer Potter, minister, Wesley's Chapel, London

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